There’s a guy in group therapy with social anxiety..i’m “lucky” because at certain settings,i can cope,knowing group therapy is a safe environment and that i basically pay so people can accept me,i’m much more comfortable,i actually talk a lot in group therapy and i don’t feel so self conscious but it’s not the same for him,i see him not making a move,sitting still like he’s guilty for existing,his pursed lips when someone makes a little he’s said despite the fact he needs to talk more than anyone in there,i struggle holding back my tears when looking at him.

The conductors are ridiculous,i’ve come to realize that people who study psychology,are the least suitable to study psychology,they have no fucking idea what they’re doing.

Anonymous asked: You are lucky! People can have withdrawal for months coming off that thing... I feel like it doesn't help me any more but maybe I've just become accustomed to the lower level of anxiety. Depression is so much more of a concern for me right now. In fact, I avoid people because I'm not happy like them. I feel like I can only talk about dark, heavy stuff only and that's no surprise given that people can only say what's on their mind. I wish I had the guts to add you on fb by the way

Sorry for late reply,my laptop broke down and it sucked using tumblr on an ipad.Definitely need to talk to people about darker stuff,but if that gets out of the way,i can talk about anything else too,it’s like there’s a wall that separates the happy ones from the sad ones and when i meet a seemingly happy person i need to break it.i started group therapy btw and if one saw the way i behave there,they’d think i’m an extrovert,it feels so comfortable knowing others are just as batshit insane as you are.Have you tried excersice for depression?i read it’s equally beneficial as taking antidepressants.i tried it while i was at my lowest and it helped me a lot,anyway,if your anxiety is not that bad,try focusing hard on what you want out of life,i have both anxiety and depression in equal severity and this immobilizes me,i want to challenge my social anxiety by going out,but i have no motivation from depression.There’s no need to feel intimidated:/ i already accept you..


Here are scans of these little postcards I’m working on ~! 

Can check them out here!


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I’m so fucking angry at people for treating me like shit and so angry at myself the same time that I can’t express it,not only that but my anxiety forces me to treat them like gods.

"Our eyes are full of terrible confessions."

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Anonymous asked: How are you doing, everything ok? Withdrawal can be a bitch, I know cause I get crazy symptoms just by missing my daily dose (Effexor if you're wondering). To answer your last question, I'm not doing anything really. That's why my depression is worsening. Have to activate myself somehow.

Thank god it lasted only 3 days,my doctor warned me of 10,I was on Effexor too,I think it was the scariest I’ve you have any motivation to do anything?I feel like the last bit is drained out of me.what are you thinking of doing?

Anonymous asked: can't stand what? you okay?

I got off my medication and had withdrawal symptoms,but it wore out now,I’m better,thanks.

i want this to be over,i can’t stand it if it lasts another day.