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Anonymous asked: why are you doing this leni. i didn't say a single bad word in the pm i sent you on fb. and now you try to make it seem like it was the most horrifying shit ever when it is not.

Please respect my decision and leave me alone.

Anonymous asked: I sent you a private message from a fake profile on fb, if you ever feel like talking. After that I will not bother you any longer since you're probably laughing right now.

no,i’m disturbed right now,you tried to tell me i don’t have a problem when i’m diagnosed by several psychiatrists,you admitted to creeping on me,i gave you a warning,you continued to bother me and now i block your anons and you still found a way to send me messages.

"He does not exist here, with me, but flesh that does not exist will never die, and promises unmade are never broken."

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Anonymous asked: "test test" > ok

ok then!

Anonymous asked: me too. i mean i like silly eccentric people, but isnt that also related to some form of "childlike" behavior? in some ways. not that they are childish, but yeah you know what i mean. the thing about Emily is i really think she seems fake. i hate that! i hate fake people! i prefer "childlike" than fake. ugh! trynna portray something youre not

fake?i wouldn’t say that,i can’t,you never know and if she’s fake you don’t know what she’s hiding,maybe her true self is better than the one she shows.You never know..

Anonymous asked: Holy fucking crap! that's another pretty tough one but let me try. what music i like? well, something like. umm difficult. I guess aint got a specific genre or something like that. maybe, ummm... fuck! well ok, i used to like pop alot in the past but not anymore. i like anything that has soul to it, or has a nice beat. rythm. electronic, dance music. some catchy melodic patterns, like the ones we hear everywhere. i like instrumental a lot. airy music. about your other question, yes i remember.

what do you remember?what’s your favorite movie?

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