Anonymous asked: you're too young to be on meds. you probably don't even need them. do some research and get off before you change your brain chemistry permanently and actually develop serious problems. antidcepressants/antipsychotics are also very hard on your body. remember that the doctor is probably sponsored by a certain drug company that makes these meds and he gets a bonus for every prescription. you sound like you are worse now than before.

i’ve been on meds since i was 16,i think it’s already too late :/

i’m happy to say i’ve been keeping my depression at bay for about a week now,even my anhedonia is starting to fade,i expect more improvement since my doctor increased the dosage and he told me an increase will be beneficial for my anhedonia.It has affected my blog too,i feel like art is stupid,i can’t find joy in things i used to,i hope this disappears completely because it’s such a scary situation to be in,my reaction to anything i once found pleasurable and lovely is “big deal”.

Anonymous asked: Do you follow everyone that follows you?

i try to,when someone follows you,they honor you,i feel like someone is complimenting me and i ignore them if i don’t follow back.Maybe i’m wrong.

i cant answer my asks for some reason

i just know when someone isn’t gonna follow back

Ph: Amanda Camenisch

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François Xavier Saint George took his own “I will” statements and burned “No You Won’t” into them using electrical wire. In his artist statement he says “As long as you think you can do something, a burning reminder blows your dream off.”

this is eeeeviiiiil

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