Anonymous asked: I'll have group therapy for the first time ever in a couple of weeks and I'm super super nervous! The group will know each other already and I won't know anybody there, so I'll be the new girl.. Do you have any advice maybe? I'm just so anxious

No!please don’t be!It’s not a class,there’s no competition involved,everyone’s goal is to feel better.Take your time,if you don’t feel like talking right away,you can do that.Listening to other peoples stories,even if they aren’t the same as yours,you’ll find a lot to relate to.Expect wonderful things to happen,you’ll feel less alone,you’ll be included and you’ll feel warmth and acceptance from other members.There’s nothing to be ashamed of or anxious about,everyone who will be there is in pain and more likely than not,those people have more empathy and understanding,they will genuinely want to listen to you and try to help you.Also,i’m there only one month,i’m not the type to bond easily or to talk a lot and i already feel like home.It’s gonna be ok!Good luck!

uhggg he’ll be the death of meeeh



maybe if you came and fell asleep next to me I wouldn’t be so sad

It’s all you have to do.

i had such a good time today,we had a little party thing in group therapy and there was this new girl there i hadn’t seen before and we talked a lot and bonded,sure i cringed and felt uncomfortable the whole time but i still managed to talk,too bad she wont be there for long.

i kept my eyes on the other guy who has social phobia,we weren’t seated together..he didn’t talk at all,since i know he’s like me,i could build up the courage to talk to him.

i told them in group therapy how i have no friends and how severe my agoraphobia is,i explained in details how i feel when i go outside,like everyone is staring at me,i feel like a monster etc…you know what the psychologist there told me?”Why don’t you join the gym?”
for fucks sake!

it’s really hard to believe that i’ll ever get better,you always assume tragedies are for other people,yet here i am,this is the ending.