"I know what I want now are the hidden things, the intangible and unimaginable."

- From Frederick Courteney Elous’s Letters to His Love by Matthea Harvey (via hush-syrup)

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Anonymous asked: You're not really responsible for anyone's mood you know. We have enough problems as it is. You know, I would so love to join such a class or even just dancing like I used to, but I haven't got any time. I don't know what got into me and I chose to do this masters; I thought it would be light enough for me to focus on myself but no... here even the normal guys don't rest. I actually failed one course already (it was a group course and I didn't look for a group) so I'll have to retake that next y

i can’t help but feel bad for them,even if they dont understand the severity of my condition,they know i’m not well,and that hurts more for a parent,to see their kid miserable.How long does your masters last?Summers around the corner,you can take a class then or you want to travel?

another reason why i hate holidays,is that,apart from knowing that people are supposed to be especially happy these days and i’m not,i drag along anyone with me,right now these people are my parents,i can tell they are not enjoying themselves as they should and i’m the reason for this,they have both suffered with so much,they deserved to be happy now.

Anonymous asked: Burn the witch! Nah, I can't do that, cause the whole point is to be around people but safe at the same time, you know what I mean? I'm alone enough of the time as it is. And I don't particularly care for my company, being that my worst enemy is my self. Anyway, I hope you have a great Easter tomorrow. I'll just be in my room or wandering aimlessly outdoors (wow, such fun, much lonely)

Listening to music used to help me,i don’t know why it doesn’t anymore.If you want a sanctuary and to be with other people,take a poetry/art class,like i have,in my poetry class i don’t have that much luck,because it consists of older people.Expressing yourself always helps,that’s the whole point of mysticism,we who are closed tight in ourselves need it most,your body needs it,your psyche needs it.And the good thing about joining a class like that,is you see other people outside their wooden confinements of how they are expected to talk and act,raw.i’m always around to talk to if you feel lonely,it’s not much from the internet but.. :/

"If you tuck the name of a loved one
under your tongue too long
without speaking it
it becomes blood"

- Naomi Shihab Nye, from “Hidden” (via ahuntersheart)

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